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Is Ping-Pong the Best Social Connector in an Office?

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Here I am, staring at the big board below.  Sure looks like a March Madness bracket for the NCAA Tourney.  But it’s August — what’s up with that?  Well, I give you the W2 Group Ping-Pong Tourney, with 78 employees from Digital Influence Group, Racepoint Group, and the corporate team.  That’s right, 78 people. And [...]

What Makes Some Opinions Better Than Others?


While everyone has a right to his or her opinion, some opinions are more informed than others. When looking for a reliable opinion, there are three things you ought to check: educational background, training and experience.   Of those three, I have found that experience is the single most important criteria for measuring the value of [...]

MIT Research: Turning Waste Products into Fuel

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A humble soil bacterium called Ralstonia eutropha has a natural tendency, whenever it is stressed, to stop growing and put all its energy into making complex carbon compounds. Now scientists at MIT have taught this microbe a new trick: They’ve tinkered with its genes to persuade it to make fuel — specifically, a kind of alcohol [...]

AG Kilmartin and MADD-RI Call on Local Urban Outfitters Retail Location to Pull T-Shirts Glorifying Drinking From Shelves


Citing staggering statistics on the number of young people who try alcohol, Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin and MADD-RI Execute Director Gabrielle Abbate today called on local Urban Outfitters stores to pull provocative t-shirts glorifying underage drinking from shelves. The clothing chain Urban Outfitters, which has a location on Thayer Street in Providence, is promoting [...]

Trinity College Launches New Master’s Degree Program on Health Care Policy

Trinity College

Question: What better place is there to introduce an innovative program focusing on the economic, ethical, legal and behavioral aspects of the delivery and administration of health care than the Insurance Capital of the United States? Answer: There is no better place than Hartford. So Trinity has stepped up to the plate, introducing a graduate-level [...]

Connecticut Credit Conditions Weaken in Second Quarter

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Connecticut’s credit conditions deteriorated slightly in the April-June timeframe according to the Second Quarter 2012 CBIA/Farmington Bank Credit Availability Survey, surrendering first-quarter gains. “With economic growth waning, demand for credit has slackened as well. This lies in sharp contrast to what we saw earlier in the year when expectations for expansion were more favorable,” says [...]

Report Reveals How Prepared Mass. Students are for College

college students

The Patrick-Murray Administration announced that Massachusetts students continue to outperform the nation on the ACT test, an annual predictive indicator of college and career readiness for many high school graduates. According to this year’s ACT results, Massachusetts 2012 graduates had an average composite score of 24.1 out of a possible 36, higher than five years [...]

Veterans Charity Ordered to Stop Alleged Deceptive Fundraising


A court ordered a veterans charity and its professional fundraisers to stop a number of alleged deceptive practices in their efforts to raise money, Attorney General Martha Coakley announced this week. The preliminary injunction, issued Thursday, was obtained in conjunction with a lawsuit filed by the AG’s Office against a Somerset charity, Bay State Vietnam Veterans, Inc. [...]

Two More Connecticut Residents Tests Positive for West Nile Virus

west nile

The State Mosquito Management Program today announced that two more residents have tested positive for West Nile virus (WNV) infection. These results bring the total number of human cases of WNV infection in Connecticut to four this year. The state also announced that mosquitoes trapped in Voluntown on August 13 tested positive for WNV. The [...]

Energy Loans, Grants Still Available for Tornado Victims


ReBuild Western Massachusetts officials are urging owners of homes and businesses damaged by last summer’s tornadoes to take advantage of its program, which provides loans and grants to building owners for energy efficient upgrades. The deadline to register is October 1, 2012. Since its launch last fall, the ReBuild Western Massachusetts program, funded by the [...]

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