Understanding Granite State Problems a Key to NH Primary

Posted by Oliver Jenkins

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Politicians nationwide understand the importance of the New Hampshire primary. In one single showing, in one of the smallest states in America, citizens wield the power to dictate the course of the presidential elections. Historically, even the most powerful and influential of candidates have abandoned their campaigns in the Granite State. Although the significance of the event is understood, actually leaving the state unscathed appears to be a rather delicate issue. Therefore, how can this year’s current GOP field seek to maximize the benefits of this mass media, public relations showdown? An overall knowledge of New Hampshire’s critical problems may provide a solution to this hotly contested event.

New Hampshire is often regarded as a quiet, small-town New England state (and in many regards, it is just this). Therefore, many residents have firsthand ability to perceive the flaws and shortcomings plaguing their respective communities. For instance, local voter, Richie Cady sees this in Portsmouth’s overall budget deficit, which has translated into less funding for area law enforcement. Cady told New England Post, “Portsmouth’s crime is on the rise and has been for quite some time now. We need to find a way to curb the deficit to help fund programs we need the most. The police are one such agency.”

Fellow Portsmouth resident and college student William Evans expressed his disappoint with the current jobs market for prospective workers. A poor economy coupled with the painful fact that tuition prices are rising throughout New Hampshire translates into a series of blows for America’s next generation workforce. “It’s ironic that our tuition goes up but the instant we graduate and try to find jobs they aren’t available. It’s a difficult cycle.”

Sheila Johnson’s concern over local economies raises a relevant problem area to be addressed. “If we can’t support small businesses how is New Hampshire meant to keep itself afloat in the long-run? This state is composed of small communities, we must make sure to watch out for the lesser players as well.” Many in New Hampshire want less political jargon and more definite policies to be a recurring trend in order to fix these issues.

In summary, a highly unstable Republican field will come under intense scrutiny and media coverage during the New Hampshire primary elections. The key to maintaining a campaign may lie in whoever understands New Hampshire’s wants and needs – and outlines effective policy recommendations to help. It may not be enough to preach to the audiences exactly what they want to hear. Similarly, it may not prove beneficial to suddenly shift towards the center of the political spectrum, hoping to acquire votes from both undecided and democratic voters. Although performing well in New Hampshire is no easy feat, political success (and failure) here often translates to success on the national scene. It’s time to study up candidates. New Hampshire’s spotlight awaits.


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