Choosing a Professional Moving Service; Here’s a Nightmare Story

Posted by Devin Maguire

Moving can be a stressful process. Finding a new house or apartment, packing, transporting and unloading all of your belongings, and coordinating logistics makes for an exhausting transition. To help alleviate the stress of the process, many people turn to professional movers, but sometimes these professionals prove an expensive obstacle rather than relief.

“It was a terrible experience,” said Kelly LeClair who recently hired a moving service to help her move from Baltimore to L.A. “Our final price ended up being double our original quote.”

LeClair was one of the many victims taken advantage of by moving services. “We picked our [moving] company over the phone as a time saver. Next time I think we will have a quote done in person so there are no surprises,” she said. “Movers have all the power to raise the price when all of your belongings are in their truck and they won’t take it away unless you agree to pay more.”

To help reduce the potential for miscommunication, LeClair said, “I would suggest over estimating the amount of boxes you have.  A key suggestion is to tell the mover the size of your boxes in cubic feet not by how they’re labeled as large, medium or small. Each company uses different labels and that can cause some confusion.”

Another way to avoid having your objects ransomed is to check online for references. Websites like have made it easier than ever to find, research and choose a service. While in the midst of the hustle of moving, it can be tempting to hire just any mover and forget about it, LeClair is proof that the quickest option can turn out to be a costly one.

Professional movers should help relieve the stresses of moving, not aggravate the process. Choosing a quality mover is essential, and with online resources finding one doesn’t need to be a challenge. Just be sure you and your moving service are on the same page and agree to a quote before they load your belongings.

Also, it is important to get a copy of their insurance in the event one of the movers gets insured in your home.

Another good resource is the Better Business Bureau

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