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Devin Maguire

Beverly Conservation Commission Faces Off against National Grid in Site Cleanup

The Beverly Conservation Commission recently ordered National Grid to remove contaminated soil from the banks of the Bass River, but National Grid is fighting the decision saying they have a cheaper plan which yields the same environmental benefits. The site in question sits on the bank of the Bass River and contains contaminated remnants from [...]

Salem Officials Assess Potential Redevelopment of Retired Power Plant Site

The Salem Harbor Power Station, one of Massachusetts’ “Filthy Five” power plants, will close in June 2014 leaving behind approximately 150 jobs, nearly $5 million in tax revenue, and 65 acres of waterfront land. For decades the plant has provided considerable tax revenue to the city, but it has also been a stain on the [...]

Choosing a Professional Moving Service; Here’s a Nightmare Story

Moving can be a stressful process. Finding a new house or apartment, packing, transporting and unloading all of your belongings, and coordinating logistics makes for an exhausting transition. To help alleviate the stress of the process, many people turn to professional movers, but sometimes these professionals prove an expensive obstacle rather than relief. “It was a terrible [...]

Massachusetts Extending Solar Hot Water Program to Commercial Buildings


The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) recently announced it will offer grants to help building owners finance commercial solar hot water (SHW) programs. MassCEC is currently accepting applications for pre-design study grants of up to $10,000. Starting in September, they will begin accepting applications for design and construction grants. Awards will be based on project [...]

The Risks of Telecommuting: Is Convenience a Compromise to Security?

With telecommuting on the rise, ineffective network security poses a growing risk to businesses making confidential information available to remote employees. Companies and organizations rely on virtual private networks (VPNs) to share private information over the internet, but outdated and ineffective VPN services can endanger security. The benefits of remote access abound. VPNs facilitate the [...]

Harvard Business School Graduate Co-Develops Innovative Music Booking Website

NuevoStage, a new Boston-based startup, is changing the way bands and venues come together to fill unused space. In 2010, Maxwell Wessel was at a concert where the opening band drew over half the crowd. After the show he asked the band members if they ever headlined. Not in Boston, they said. They had a [...]

The Future for the Software Industry in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is shifting how we purchase and use software. Already with the digitalization of music, written materials and video, the internet has evolved from an information center to a distributor of digital products and services. Cloud computing enables a user to access services and store data over the internet. Gmail is a common example. [...]

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