New Poll Shows Herman Cain Leads Mitt Romney in GOP Race; The Twittersphere Reacts

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A new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows that Herman Cain is now leading the Republican field. The poll, which surveyed 1,000 adult voters, found that 27% of those voters would choose Herman Cain in the Republican primary. For Cain, this represents a jump of 22 percentage points from just six weeks ago.

Mitt Romney, in comparison, is still holding steady at 23%, which was his same spot in the previous WSJ/NBC poll.

Maybe Americans like former pizza chain chief executive Cain’s blunt style. Maybe they like his simplistic plans for boosting the economy. Maybe they like the pizza from Godfather’s Pizza.

Or, as the general consensus on Twitter seems to be, maybe Americans just don’t want to see former Massachusetts governor Romney in the White House.

The new poll numbers have the Twittersphere buzzing, with many users contending that the results indicate a growing dissatisfaction with Romney, as opposed to a legitimate boost in support for Cain.


Of course, there are Cain supporters out there, many of whom appreciate the candidate’s frank, matter-of-fact rhetoric and his clear, concise plans for the future. One of Cain’s most talked about plans is called 9-9-9, which proposes a 9% flat income tax rate, a 9% corporate tax rate and a 9% national sales tax.

Here is what Cain supporters have been saying on Twitter:


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