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Coins for Cash; What We Can Do to Stimulate the Economy


The Federal Reserve, Congress, the President, everyone has solutions on how to boost consumer confidence and the economy. So how can we contribute? It came to me while rolling coins with my mom over coffee one morning. While the Federal Reserve proposes a ‘twist’ to tweak the economy, I propose injecting it with bundles of coins. [...]

Northeastern University Student Designs System for Earthquake-proofing Buildings

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Chris Nasif didn’t know much about earthquake-proof architecture when he started his co-op program with an engineering firm in Paris, France. But when Nasif’s manager asked him to write a 10,000-word dissertation on earthquake-resistant buildings, the civil and environmental engineering student didn’t back down from the challenge. Nasif’s recent findings could someday prove helpful to [...]

Perry Vs. Romney Round 2: The Battle of the Online Video Ads

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The battle between Republican presidential candidates Rick Perry and Mitt Romney rages on. New England Post previously reported on the Romney camp labeling Perry, “Governor Sub-Zero,” in reference to Perry’s less-than-stellar performance on job creation in Texas. Now the inter-party attacks have moved on from the issue of job creation to the issues of healthcare [...]

Protestors Meet Fans of Donald Rumsfeld at the Old South Meeting House


Three hundred ticket holders waiting in line to hear former Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld discuss his memoir were greeted by tons of protestors holding up signs and chanting. Rumsfeld was in Boston Monday night to talk about , Known and Unknown, which touches on his role in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and on [...]

Conn. Town Battles Over Home Helicopter Landing

Courtesy of Robinson Helicopter Co.

BURLINGTON, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut town is caught in a dispute over plans by a resident to land his helicopter at his house. The Hartford Courant reports that residents want town officials to ban “aviation activity” in residential areas to prohibit Paul Blanchette from landing the helicopter at his new home as he did [...]

Consumer Confidence Essentially Unchanged

Consumer Confidence

NEW YORK (AP) — Consumers’ confidence in the economy remained weak in September after dropping to a post-recession low during the month before as Americans continue to worry about high unemployment and low wages. The Conference Board, a private research group, said Tuesday that its Consumer Confidence Index was at 45.4, up slightly from a [...]

Looking for a Job in Connecticut? Here is a Job Fair

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Senator Richard Blumenthal will host a job fair Wednesday at the Hartford Plaza Hotel in East Hartford to connect Connecticut employers with prospective employees. Employers in the health care, manufacturing, banking, social services, and telecommunications fields will be showcasing their businesses, providing an opportunity for skilled job-seekers to learn more about these organizations and apply [...]

Researchers from MIT and Children’s Hospital Boston Develop Revolutionary New Cardiac Patches that Feature Tiny Gold Wires

Microscopic image of new cardiac patch structure; the star-shaped objects are clusters of gold nanowires.

Following a heart attack, the heart can suffer from areas of dead tissue, which impact how the heart functions. To remedy these areas of dead tissue, doctors can utilize cardiac patches. Traditionally, scientists have made these patches by planting or seeding heart cells within three-dimensional structures. These structures consist of biomaterials, or materials that can [...]

Proposed Lenox Mountain Wind Turbine Project is Whirling up Controversy in Western Mass.

To build a turbine or not to build a turbine? that is the question in Lenox and its surrounding communities. At a recent Lenox Board of Selectmen meeting, residents of both Lenox and Richmond passionately expressed their disapproval of a recent wind turbine study. The study identifies two possible sites on the 2,126-foot, Lenox Mountain, [...]

Waltham-based, ImmunoGen, Seeks FDA Approval to Begin Human Trials of New Cancer Therapy

immunogen drug image

The current standard of care when it comes to treating non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma — the most prevalent type of hematological or “blood-based” cancer — is a drug called rituximab. While rituximab does not typically cause unfavorable side effects in patients, the problem with the drug is that doctors frequently seek to increase its effectiveness by combining [...]

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