Hundreds of Thousands Still Without Power In MA, RI and CT; When Will Your Home’s Power Be Restored?

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Power companies rank outages as “high” if they interrupt services for 15% or more of their customers, according to the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

With service interruptions estimated to be around — or above — the 25%-mark for National Grid, NSTAR and Connecticut Light & Power, perhaps a new ranking is in order: “wicked high.”

These maps from National Grid and Connecticut Light & Power can help you grasp how extensive the power outages in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut truly are…

Courtesy of


Courtesy of


One of the areas that is most severely impacted by the power outages is the Greater Danbury area of western Connecticut. At one point on Tuesday, 3,870 out of 3,914 homes in the town of Redding, CT were without power, representing 98% of Connecticut Light and Power customers. Latest reports indicate that 89% of Redding homes are still without power.

A neighboring town, Ridgefield, CT, is also largely in the dark. As of Wednesday morning, 7,586 homes and businesses in Ridgefield are still without power, representing 71% of Connecticut Light and Power customers. Residents of Redding and Ridgefield expressed their fears and frustrations through social media.

So when will power be restored to New England residents still suffering from Irene’s wrath? The most truthful answer is that we cannot know for sure. However, we do know that power companies prioritize their repair work according to certain factors.

If your home is near a hospital, a police station or a fire station, you can expect repair work to be completed soon (if it hasn’t been already). In addition, if your home is near a downed power line that poses a threat to public safety or is near a main transmission line that provides power to high numbers of customers, you can expect relatively speedy repair work.

To get a better approximation of when power will be restored to your home, stay in touch with your power company. I recently received a phone update from my power company informing me to look at a new document on the company’s website. The document provided “estimated times of repair” based on town/city. Unfortunately, it looks likes my apartment could be powerless until Sunday.

Here’s where you can find the most recent restoration updates from your power company:

National Grid MA (.pdf)

National Grid RI (.pdf)

NSTAR (.pdf)


Connecticut Light & Power

The United Illuminating Company



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1 Comment for “Hundreds of Thousands Still Without Power In MA, RI and CT; When Will Your Home’s Power Be Restored?”

  1. Sofie

    What a crock. We have been without power for well over a week now. There is a street with one downed wire, the street has 2 homes but have been converted into apartments that has over 12 family’s most who are senior’s without power. We have been told a number of times to expect power within the day. However day 7 the same story expect power today or tomorrow. I will let everyone know every street below, above, beside and behind us has power, including the neighbor at the end of our street. The story is getting really old really quick. You can watch the trucks roll by without a break light anywhere in sight. One truck with wire came and looked at the wire and the worked looked and said hmmm got in his truck and left. Again here we sit wondering if and when we will truly get our power back. To top it off our power bills came yesterday. Funny they would like money for a service they have not provided. We can all understand the time it takes to fix customers however when someone comes out and is supposed to fix a line and just leaves with no reason it makes you wonder. The customer support line has received multiple calls from the same street asking the same questions and all getting different answers. When will CLP actually answer with something besides the excuse or reply of expecting power later today or in the early hours of the morning.

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