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Will Aurora Grace New England Sky?


Eyes turn to the sky as scientists and citizens alike hope radiation from a solar flare on Monday morning brings a rare view of the northern lights. The surprise flash of solar activity launched energetic particles through space at near light speeds. Those particles lit up the sky over the U.K. last night and continued [...]

Contaminated Drinking Water Linked to Mental Illness

dripping faucet

Move over family history and traumatic experience, here comes another piece in the mental illness puzzle. A recent Boston University study suggests that exposure to a common drinking water contaminant in the womb and during early childhood could lead to heightened risk for bipolar and post traumatic stress disorders. From the late 1960s to the [...]

Dramatic Decline in Veteran Homelessness Inspires Mass. Program

“You’re welcome here, but ultimately we really want you to leave.” That is the message Andrew McCawley hopes to convey to the more than 300 veterans living in transitional and emergency housing at the New England Center for Homeless Veterans (NECHV) each night. “Our emphasis is on helping folks that struggle with chronic homelessness to [...]

Weighing New Prescription for Doctor/Patient Communication


Every day countless people see their primary care physician for sick visits, routine physicals, and to follow up on chronic conditions. On average, patients spend 8-15 minutes face-to-face with their doctors. Doctors have checklists that they need to push through in addition to any concerns that the patients may have. Appointments fly by and patients [...]

Occupy Boston Marches On Despite Arrests

The Occupy Boston camp may be gone, but the movement is certainly not over. A small group of protesters, gathered at Government Center on Monday evening for a march through the city to Dewey Square. Most of the organizers that served as the backbone of the movement were noticeably absent, posting on social media that [...]

Occupy Boston Protesters Staged a Peaceful Last Stand on Dewey Square

Occupy Boston protesters dismantled their encampment yesterday but vowed to continue the movement. “We’ve always been greater than our tents,” said development planner Rita Sebastian, a protester from Cape Cod. Thousands of protesters converged on Dewey Square prepared to face off with Boston Police. The awaited clash never came. Instead, a spirited rally surrounded the [...]

Court Rules Occupy Boston Fair Game for Eviction; Passes Buck to Mayor

Superior Court Judge Frances A. McIntyre denied Occupy Boston protesters’ request for a preliminary injunction and lifted the restraining order that protected the campers living in Dewey Square from mass removal by Boston Police on Wednesday afternoon. “[W]hile Occupy Boston protesters may be exercising their expressive rights during their protest,” McIntyre explained in her memorandum [...]

Occupy Protesters Fight Fire with Photo Op

Occupy Boston protesters are discovering that in order to wage war on corporate greed, predatory banking, and electoral corruption, they must first face off with two more localized foes: the fire marshal, and fire itself. City officials thwarted a very public attempt by Occupy protesters to bring in a large, flame retardant, military-style tent on [...]

Court Extends Occupy Boston Protesters’ Stay of Eviction


Occupy Boston protesters celebrated partial victory Thursday as Judge Frances A. McIntyre extended a temporary restraining order preventing the City of Boston from sweeping the camp in an unannounced raid. Protesters will enjoy at least two more weeks of respite from fears of a midnight police raid similar to those that have shut down sister [...]

Speedy Neutrinos Shine New Light on Einstein’s Theories; What do Harvard Scientists Say

NUMI Cables

Throughout the world, physicists are peeking out from their customary obscurity in a hasty scramble to explain recent challenges to Einstein’s theory of special relativity. The scientists are reacting to a second round of experiments at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, that measured infinitesimal particles called neutrinos traveling at speeds faster than light. [...]

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