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Providence to Honor 375th Birthday with Fireworks


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Providence, the capital city of economically struggling Rhode Island, is putting its woes aside for a night and celebrating its 375th birthday with fireworks, music and cake for more than 1,000 people. The city honors its birthday Tuesday with a celebration at the Providence Performance Arts Center. It will feature a [...]

Ag Coakley And Retailers Association Of Massachusetts Offer Consumer Tips For Safe Holiday Shopping

Attorney General Coakley

With the biggest shopping days of the year approaching, including “Black Friday” and “Cyber-Monday,” AG Coakley and the Retailers Association of Massachusetts are offering consumers these tips to protect themselves as they prepare to kick off the holiday shopping season: SHOPPING AT A STORE: 1. Gift certificates are good for seven years: Under Massachusetts Law, [...]

Several Mass. Ballot Questions to Move Forward

Courtesy of Associated Press

BOSTON (AP) — Sponsors of proposals to allow terminally ill patients to self-administer life-ending drugs and to legalize marijuana for medical purposes claim they have gathered enough signatures to move the measures closer to a spot on next year’s state ballot. The sponsors of all proposed ballot questions face a Wednesday deadline to file a [...]

Governor Patrick Signs Expanded Gaming Legislation


Let the gambling begin. After years of debate, Governor Deval Patrick signed expanding gaming legislation into law. The Governor claims it will advance job creation and economic development in the Commonwealth by creating the potential for thousands of jobs in the construction, tourism, hospitality, leisure and convention sectors. “The final chapter in the long debate on expanded gaming [...]

Governor Patrick Signs Anti-Human Trafficking Legislation Drastically Increases Punishment For Offenders, Protection For Victims

deval signing

Governor Deval Patrick signed into law a bill that will strengthens protections for victims of human trafficking and prostitution and increases the punishment for offenders by carrying a potential life sentence for traffickers of children. “I thank the legislature and the Attorney General for making this critical legislation a priority this session,” said Governor Patrick. [...]

Good Value and Responsible Sourcing - A Winning Combination for Maine Retailer

Mexicali Hats

‘Good deal’ is the name of the game in retail these days, and often people swap lower priced for ethically sourced. One Maine company, Mexicali Blues, has found a way to offer both, and doing so has allowed them to grow even during the tough economy.  Things have changed a lot for Mexicali Blues since [...]

Delicious Thanksgiving recipes featured in Amy Traverso’s new book: The Apple Lover’s Cookbook

apple book

Thinking of adding a scrumptious new dish to your Thanksgiving buffet menu? If so, you may want to consult Yankee Magazine senior lifestyle editor Amy Traverso’s recently published The Apple Lover’s Cookbook. The Brookline author’s apple tome contains nearly 100 seasonal recipes including sweet potato apple latkes, Vermont apple cider donuts and pork and apple [...]

Senator Brown Says “I am deeply Disappointed” Kerry and other Members Couldn’t Reduce Deficit

Courtesy of the Associated Press

U.S. Senator Scott Brown took aim at the members of Congress who failed their assignment to reduce the deficit by November 23.  Of course one of those members he’s upset with is Senator John Kerry. The Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction announced they had failed to reach an agreement. Senator Brown said, that the [...]

Pfizer to Create 400 Jobs in Cambridge with Latest Expansion

Courtesy of Eric Haynes

Pfizer breaks ground on its new facility in Cambridge’s Kendall Square. The facility will allow the company to expand its footprint in the growing biopharmaceutical cluster in Cambridge and will create 400 new jobs. “It is welcome news that Pfizer is increasing its presence and bringing new jobs to Massachusetts,” said Governor Patrick. “Companies like [...]

Occupy Boston Sets Stage for Legal Tug of War Over Right to Assemble

Courtesy of Noah Fournier

In Boston, modern revolutionaries aim to walk in the literal and philosophical footsteps of the founding fathers as they engage the city in a legal tug of war over their right to assemble.   Occupy Boston protesters are leaving some footprints of their own. Last week, they became the first occupation to successfully obtain a [...]

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