On the Right Track: Vermont-based Renewable Energy Company Makes its “AllSun Trackers” Available Throughout Northern New England

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Are you fed up with lazy solar panels? You know the type. They just lay there, completely still, soaking in the rays all day.

One Vermont-based company, AllEarth Renewables, shares your contempt for lazy solar panels and — to remedy the issue — they have been putting their solar panels to work. As Director of Communications and Public Affairs at AllEarth Renewables, Andrew Savage, recently told me, the company’s AllSun Trackers employ GPS and wireless technology so that they can “follow the sun throughout the day.”

Unlike traditional, fixed solar panels, AllSun Trackers are mounted on poles and can pivot left and right as well as up and down. As the sun crosses the sky, the panels move accordingly so that they can maintain a perpendicular angle to the sun’s rays. Maintaining this orientation maximizes the amount of sunlight the panels can collect, which in turn maximizes the amount of electricity the panels can produce.

To help bring their AllSun Trackers to a larger customer base, AllEarth Renewables recently partnered with ReVision Energy. Prior to this partnership, AllEarth Renewables was only able to have their AllSun Trackers installed in Vermont. Now, these innovative solar energy systems will be able to track the sun in New Hampshire and Maine. The ultimate goal of the company is to distribute its AllSun Trackers across the country.

“With a tested and refined product and more than 850 installations, we will begin seeking distribution channels and installers throughout the northeast and eventually nationwide,” said Savage.

Apart from manufacturing solar panels that can track the sun, which is an innovative approach to boosting the efficiency of solar tech, AllEarth Renewables is pushing the solar envelope in another way: the company is marketing its AllSun Trackers not just to commercial buyers, but also to residential buyers. This means that if you live in Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine, you can buy AllSun Trackers for your backyard.

“We have been very successful with the residential and small business market in Vermont,” Savage told me. “About half our business is in residential installations. Our trackers have performance and financial returns that have made them cost-competitive at the small residential level all the way up to large commercial scale.”

AllEarth Renewables will kick-off its launch of AllSun Trackers into Maine and New Hampshire on September 21st, when ReVision Energy installs one of the trackers at Lakes Region Community College in Keene, NH.

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  1. Grace Cohen

    Hi Eric - This sounds very exciting and I would like to check these GPS-driven solar panels out at Lakes Region Community College, but I’ll have to travel to Laconia not Keene as the school is located in Laconia, http://www.lrcc.edu But thanks for giving us the heads-up.

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