The Gloves Are Off; Bachmann Steals Some Thunder Away From Perry During CNN Tea Party Debate

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Congresswoman Michele Bachmann may have started the night a bit shaky after seeing Texas Governor Rick Perry soar in the polls. He’s stolen a lot of the spotlight recently. But the gloves came off during the CNN Tea Party Debate when the issue came up regarding Perry’s 2007 executive order requiring girls to be vaccinated for HPV.

Perry admitted the policy isn’t perfect. Bachmann took the opportunity to remind voters that she is a mom with several daughters and can’t believe Perry would force teenagers to get inoculated.  Bachmann also questioned the Governor’s intentions with the bill because one of his staffers had a connection with the drug company that made millions when the Order passed.

When the issue of immigration came up, Rick Santorum said we need to build more fences.  Perry said we need boots on the ground and the Federal Government needs to help more with protecting the border. Perry got some boo’s from the audience when he defended his decision to give illegal citizens in-state tuition rates for college.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was forced again to defend Romneycare. He claimed Obamacare raised taxes and his healthcare plan did not. The only issue every candidate seems to agree on is repealing Obamacare.

When the issue of social security reform came up, both Perry and Romney quoted each other’s books. Perry claimed social security was unconstitutional in his book. Romney went after that comment because he thought it would help show Perry is not electable.

Then Perry countered, quoting Romney as having said in his own book that if people did with their financing what had been done with Social Security receipts it would be a criminal offense.

“You’ve got to quote me correctly,” Romney responded. “What I said was taking money out of the Social Security trust fund is criminal and it’s wrong.”

Let’t not forget the debate took place in Florida where a lot of people are retired and living off of social security.

If you thought Herman Cain was a joker before, he once again proved that when asked what he would bring to The White House. Cain responded, “I would bring  a sense of humor because America is too uptight.”

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer moderated Monday’s debate between Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.





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