New England Post Contributors
Kathleen Hebert

Want to make some extra cash? Become an Evisor!

This year, I made nearly $1,000 in extra spending money through - an online marketplace where you get paid to share your expertise. That’s $1,000 I earned for talking about stuff that is second nature to me. Started by four Ivy League business school graduates and former management consultants, the site went live last [...]

So You’re About to Start Business School…Here’s Some Advice From a Recent Grad

Before you start to stress about what to wear on your first day of classes, check out my advice on how to tackle this new experience. First, say “yes” to everything at the beginning. Go to every speaker, attend every social event, have lunch with your new classmates, and so on. Everything is new and [...]

Making The Most of the Business School Experience

Having recently graduated from Harvard Business School and not yet returned to the professional world, I have a lot of time to think. Of late, my thoughts have focused on my time at business school. Did I learn everything I was supposed to? Will I stay in touch with the friends I made? Did I [...]

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